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I sent letters about Cersei’s first sexual relationship! (6)

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A cryptic crossword themed after George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. This is about as good and polished a cryptic as I can make it. Earlier drafts were run by the Facebook group Cryptic Crossword Society, which generated useful feedback. Enjoy!

Three entries are unclued, they form the puzzle’s solution.


[Whole thing as a single PDF for printing]. Solution.

1 Heathen ironborn plundered plowed field. (7)
5 Behaviour of a cruel and terrifying person—I therefore left leaders of Sorrowful Men. (7)
9 Sellsword captain carried goods, having a change of heart towards early retirement. (5)
10 Rev. Spooner escorted laggard to a guardsman sworn to House Lannister. (3,6)
11 Short moments filled with endless lay for relatives. (6,4)
12 Wants to sell daughter’s maidenhead and partially redeem maester. (4)
14 Ned heard two manoeuvres in despair. (11)
17 Reward tenth sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. (6,5)
19 Leave out central promise to Targaryen leader. (4)
20 A few groats and pennies holding unit back before first ride for Ser Duncan at Ashford Meadow, say. (10)
23 Dwarf returned cup-shaped metal object to unknown artisan. (9)
24 Eyrie facing the French is situated in a sheltered position. (7)
25 Hedge knight’s coat of ice is surrounded by expression of surprise. (7)

1 I sent letters about Cersei’s first sexual relationship! (6)
2 Initially festive, until Gwyneth and Cletus Yronwood’s banishment. (6)
3 Return command to Eddard before soldiers become priests. (7,3)
4 Solar remodelled for knight of the Kingsguard. (5)
5 Honor-clad, destroyed seat of a noble house in the Vale of Arryn. (3,6)
6 Noble house: A stag rampant. (4)
7 At home, Tangletongue consumed close friend. (8)
8 Sam mired in a mess, attending the Drowned God. (8)
13 Atop Reek, he jerked Jaime’s junk. (10)
15 Fails to disclose how an area can be fortified? (9)
16 Maesters and the King’s Hand, for example, cover the face after short announcement. (8)
18 House Mallister’s heraldic beast, beheaded in the morning, catches sunlight. (6)
21 Staunch and kingly, after change of allegiance. (5)
22 Bard sounds talented. (4)


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